Contacting girls about telephone no longer is typical. However, if you prime the girl for a phone call, it would possibly save time, be much more individual, and reduce the odds she’s going to flake on the go out.

Now i’ve a beginner-friendly post about some thing we rarely talk about – how I take telephone numbers.

Handling flakes
is a very common subject we discuss within our
1-on-1 sessions
. It is one of the more often discussed topics on
all of our community forums
and somewhere else on the net.

And justification.

I’ve been learning this subject for more than 10 years and consider myself personally very winning with ladies. Yet the dilemma of coping with flakes was never completely dealt with.

A lot of newbies believe the most wonderful text, using greatest information, with the greatest
, sent in the right time helps all of them resolve the challenge. I am sorry to inform you this just isn’t how things function.

So let’s explore the way they do work and shed some light on getting numbers and staying away from flakes.