2018 Admission Process and Fees

IPCP Admission Process:

  • Complete the Online Application
  • Applicants must completed the 10th or 11th grade by the start of program and must be 16 years of age by June 18, 2018.
  • Submit (via email) the following required documents in English for program admission review:
    • Official transcript of applicant’s high school/secondary school. (Must be in PDF format)
    • Copy of Passport (Photo Pages, must be in PDF format)
    • One Letter of Interest (200-500 words, must be in PDF format)
    • One Letter of Recommendation (optional) written by your school counselor, must be in PDF format.
    • Proof of English Proficiency. (Must be in PDF format)
English Proficiency
1 TOEFL (iBT) 80
2 IELTS 6.5
3 GEPT High Intermediate
6 TOEIC 685

If all your courses are taught in English, please contact us for further instruction.

  • Receive acceptance/rejection email from us.
  • Accept/Decline the spot.

Program fee includes

  • 5 (Session D) / 6 (Session C) units of UC Berkeley tuition fees. Students can add more units by paying an extra units fee, but they can`t take less than 5 (Session D) / 6 (Session C) units.
  • Room & board.
  • Chaperone management.
  • Daily supervision.
  • Emergency contact.
  • Student access to UC Berkeley libraries, including an official UC Berkeley student ID card.
  • Weekend excursions. (meals are not included)
  • Workshops with representatives from the UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss requirements and admissions process, how to choose a major / college and more!
6 weeks 8 weeks
Program Fee *$ 12,350 *$ 13,650
  • Please note that the program fee does NOT include: textbooks, course materials fee, rec club member fees, personal expenses, international airfare, medical insurance, Visa application/US SEVIS fee, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Meals points will be purchased based on the Standard Meal Plan of school’s dormitory.
  • If you are not a USA citizen/resident or Canadian citizen, you need to apply student (F-1) visa in order to enter the U.S. and attend our program.
  • * The 2018 program fees will be updated at the end of December, 2017
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