Unit: 3 units
This course challenges students to use their English language critical listening, speaking and note-¬taking skills while focusing on sociological and economic issues related to shopping and consumerism. Students will listen to lectures, learn new vocabulary, watch and critique video and film clips and examine conflicting beliefs from articles in the media and journals, as well as from their own experiences based on field work completed outside of class. The course requires students to participate in discussions, debates and presentations while reflecting on personal views. This course is of special interest to students who need to focus on conversation skills in and outside of academic settings.

Course Title: English for Academic and Professional Purposes

Session D: 03 July – 11 August 2017
Do you want to improve all aspects of your English language usage? This 60-hour intensive course includes instruction on speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. It provides a level of instruction that meets your specific needs. All classes are content based, with a focus on contemporary high-interest topics. Students will participate in classroom activities such as oral presentations, group work, discussions, and field trips. This course is appropriate for both international and immigrant students interested in improving their language skills.
After taking the placement exam, students will be put into one of ten different levels. Each section will have no more than 18 students.
• Units: 4 Units
• Prerequisites: All students must complete the online placement exam after registering and before classes start. Please see our Placement Exam page for more information.
• Grades: This course may be taken Pass/No Pass or for a letter grade.
• 2017 Course Fees: To be announced. Please see the Berkeley Summer registration fees page for further details.
• Course may be repeated for credit.
Improve your speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills in this intensive 60-hour course. Level of instruction that meets your specific needs. All classes content based, with a focus on contemporary high-interest topics.

Course Title:   Business English

Unit: 3 units
Success in the business world begins with effective communication. In this course, students will improve their English communication skills by exploring fundamental topics in modern business. They will also practice negotiating, speaking at business meetings, doing presentations, writing business letters and memos, telephoning, business vocabulary, business social skills, case studies, and Internet business. Suitable for low intermediate through advanced ESL students.

Course Title:   English for Health Sciences

Unit: 3 units
Learn medical idioms and vocabulary in order to be successful in the field of health care practice. Explore various fields of medicine by interacting with and critically discussing a wide variety of readings that thoroughly investigate common themes, issues, and practices in today’s ever-changing world of medicine. Students will have ample opportunity to use English through a vast array of abstract academic contexts and will become familiar with and actively practice various methods that align with the classroom requirements of American universities.


Course Title: English Grammar and Academic Writing Style

Unit: 3 units
As Nathaniel Hawthorne once noted, “Easy reading is hard writing”. Enhance your ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and accurately in written English in this engaging 3 unit course. Students will improve and expand their knowledge of grammar rules, editing and proofreading strategies, sentence structure and variety, and the foundations of academic style. Using their own and professional writers’ work, students will expand their repertoire of grammatical structures and improve the clarity and sophistication of their writing. Suitable for low-intermediate through advanced students.

Course title: English for Academic and Public Speaking
3 units
Conquer your fear of English public speaking in this interactive course on oral presentation! Students will identify, practice, and evaluate the skills needed to give effective oral presentations in academic settings. The course includes instruction on oral skills, rhetoric, engaging with an audience, and communicating complex ideas in an easily accessible way. Suitable for low intermediate through advanced ESL students.

Course title: Pronunciation
Unit: 3 units
Do you want to produce clear and intelligible American English? Using video and audio files, theatre games, stories, and other sources of authentic speech, students will focus on the most important features of the American accent – and identify how it differs from their native languages. The course offers a fun and supportive environment for English language learning, and is suitable for low-intermediate through advanced ESL students.

Course title:English for Science and Engineering
Unit: 3 units
Does your work or study involve communication in English and a background in science or engineering? In this intensive course, students will develop the English speaking and writing skills essential for success in those fields. The course places emphasis on developing the style, vocabulary and grammar of technical communication. The course also challenges to apply their skills to real life contexts through an engaging fieldwork project. Suitable for high-intermediate through advanced students.


Course Tile: Business Vocabulary
Unit: 2 units
Just as the economy is globalizing, so is the language of business. In this course, students will acquire the words, phrases, and terminology necessary to operate in the modern business world. They will also analyze how effective business people utilize vocabulary and engage in a variety of challenging and authentic practice activities while developing strategies for recording, remembering, and reviewing vocabulary.

Course title:Grammar and Editing
Unit: 2 units
Have you studied a lot of grammar but want strategies for using it effectively in the real world? This course will help students improve their grammatical accuracy in both spoken and written English. Through extensive practice and feedback, this course introduces students to resources for grammar development, real-life application of grammar rules, and useful editing strategies. Improve your mastery of grammar, and your sentence structure and variety!

Course title: Listening and Speaking
Unit: 2 units
Take advantage of your time in an English-speaking environment to practice and develop effective strategies for listening and speaking! This course offers training in both intensive and extensive listening, and ample opportunity for speaking. Students will engage in pronunciation practice, planned presentations, and impromptu speaking challenges. They will also learn how to use listening materials for self study by identifying, analyzing, and then reproducing their key features.

Course title: Academic Test Preparation
Unit: 2 units
Prepare yourself for the two most widely recognized assessments of English language proficiency: the ibT TOEFL and the IELTS examinations. This course includes instruction on test-taking strategies, analysis of question types, grammar/editing skills, vocabulary-building, and intensive listening, speaking, reading and writing practice – all tailored to exam requirements. Get the score you deserve and unlock your academic potential!

Course title: Academic Reading and Writing
Unit: 2 units
Prepare for the types of reading and writing in first-year composition courses at U.S. universities! The course addresses the reading process, including annotation, analysis and evaluation, and the writing process, including organization and planning as well as summarizing and paraphrasing.